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Rosin Press For Sale:

Cannabis oil extraction is becoming a bigger and bigger market every year according to Google Trends and The Trippy Hippy has you covered in this regard. While some may love the professionalism and the industrial scalability of a closed loop extractor, a rosin press is perfect for those who want solventless extraction in order to avoid any chemicals or solvent in their BHO extraction. This is probably the main selling point of the rosin heat press, and why pressing is the next big thing. Say goodbye to butane!

While we offer probably the best manual rosin press with a clamshell, and we have industrial-sized presses that are perfect for any dispensary, multiple dispensaries, start up, grower, dabber, labs or large scale operation. We are also the first company to introduce an electric hydraulic rosin press that does not require a compressor! This is huge news as it is one less expense and it brings with it an enormous boost of PSI over the manual models. This is a game changer!

Let’s talk about pricing, though. Are you looking for a cheap rosin press for sale? Our website has just about every variation and model that will make it easy to find a rosin press for sale that’s perfect for you. No more solvents and no more butane honey oil, no more worrying about a butane extractor creating an explosion; just pure, magnificent rosin for dabs, vape, vaporizer, bong, dab or edible. This is the best way to make use of all the cannabis plant and it’s cannabinoids.

Also, unlike some of our competitors, you can find our rosin presses in retail stores in Canada and the United States so you know we are a legitimate extracting company, making trends in the industry and backing up our products with warranties. Call your nearest store to ask if they stock our products or ask them to start carrying our products if they don’t have them available.

We have also partnered with Honey River to bring massive, customizable and interchangeable plates. This revolutionizes the rosin press game and offers everyone to have a unique press that they can show off to their friends and social media. Own a store or a brand? These plates give you a chance to stand out and further your brand’s power.

Our machines also come with user manuals that will help you get started on your projects immediately. Each press is equipped with a digital timer that will allow you to test your strains for various time intervals in order to get the best concentrated dabbing experience and potency every time.

In order to get the most out of your pressing, make sure to check out our filter bags that will help keep a non stick product that is easier to extract.

Before purchasing, please make sure that it is legal for you to use said machines in the place of jurisdiction in which you operate, depending on what you intend to use these heat presses for (i.e. medical marijuana, cannabinoid or THC extraction, hemp, etc.). Please be aware that the heating element and heat transfer technology of this heat press machine is able to create a potent product and it should be used safely & responsibly, for medicinal purposes (depending on jurisdiction & legalization status) and extracted by legal age adults only.

If you don’t know which rosin heat press is right for you, please visit our contact us page or speak to one of our specialists in the live chat portion of our website.

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